This publication is an effort to document current practices in the region to help NGOs and Local Authorities learn about some of the promising prevention programmes underway in the region. It is hoped that this publication will:

  • provide ideas and inspiration for others interested in GBV prevention;
  • facilitate exchange and foster linkages between NGOs, Local Authorities and other groups;
  • strengthen GBV programme design; and,
  • contribute to the growing body of knowledge on GBV prevention.

While this publication is not meant to be a comprehensive summary of efforts underway, it does highlight various approaches and lessons learned from the field. It begins with a brief overview of GBV, explores GBV prevention and describes frameworks for prevention from the NGO and Local Authorities' perspectives. As organizations aiming to strengthen GBV prevention efforts in the region, Raising Voices and UN-Habitat's Safer Cities Programme have developed and herein describe conceptual models and practical tools used within NGOs and Local Authorities respectively. The publication goes on to highlight various approaches of NGOs and Local Authorities within the region under the following key thematic areas:

  • Community Mobilisation
  • Raising Awareness
  • Media Efforts
  • Working with Men
  • Strengthening Community Institutions
  • Bridging the Gap with Local Authorities

Each thematic area begins with a general description of the strategy, core concepts and practical concerns, and ends with key lessons that emerged through the discussion during the Regional Dialogue. The publication also highlights the linkage between GBV and HIV/AIDS as it is becoming increasingly clear that prevention efforts for both must work in concert. The Kampala Declaration, an advocacy tool that emerged from the Regional Dialogue concludes the publication with recommendations for future prevention work and calls to various stakeholders to take action to prevent gender-based violence.

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