Source: Global Fund for Women
As resource mobilization remains one of the biggest challenges for women’s organizations, the Global Fund for Women has been not only actively supporting NGOs for women’s empowerment and development, but it has also been providing support to enable organizations reach out to funding sources.

At the Fourth World Conference on Women held in 1995 in Beijing, Global Fund for Women had organized workshops on “Women, Money & Empowerment.” It also put together a small “Fundraising Handbook.” Further to this, it has now made available “”Fundraising for Change: A Practical Guide for Women’s Rights Organizations.”

Its approach for fundraising is based upon two principles:

1. Money is available for the work of women’s organizations

2. Building strong global women’s movements requires activists, donors and allies working together.

The practical guide offers information to women’s organization on how to prepare for fundraising including the commitment for the cause and engaging donors for the cause. It also explains the ways for identifying community resources and mobilizing volunteers.

Developing fundraising strategies are key to an organization’s success for achieving grant success. Strategies help not only plan things, but also give an opportunity to build relationships with colleagues, donors and beneficiaries.

The document also discusses other ideas for raising funds besides approaching donor agencies.

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