Source: Make Every Woman Count (MEWC)
The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1888 (UNSCR 1888)
was adopted by the Security Council on the 30th September 2009. This resolution was passed concurrently with UNSCR 1889.

UNSCR 1820 was key to the development of SCR 1888.  SCR 1820 recognizes that sexual violence against women and girls in conflict can hinder international peace and security, and con be considered a war crime, crime against humanity, and in some cases, and act of genocide.  The resolution demands protection and preventative measures to be implemented.  In addition, UNSCR 1820 establishes that the UN-Secretary General submit a report on situations where sexual violence occurs systematically and/or widespread against civilians.   UNSCR 1888 fills in the gaps of UNSCR 1820 by providing a comprehensive framework towards its implementation.

Not only does UNSCR 1888 demand all parties to armed conflicts take immediate action to protect women and children from all forms of sexual violence, but it devises specific actions for the United Nations to respond as well.  UNSCR 1888 is the backbone for the creation of a Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) on sexual violence in conflict.  The SRSG files reports on the use of sexual violence in armed conflicts and helps to monitor and report on new developments.  Furthermore, the SRSG on sexual violence will engage with high-level civilian and military leaders to end sexual violence against women and children.  In addition to establishing an SRSG on sexual violence in conflict, UNSCR 1888 calls for the retraining of peacekeepers, national forces and police, and calls for the creation of gender advisors and human rights protection units.

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