Source: Make Every Woman Count (MEWC)
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1960 (UNSCR 1960) 
on Sexual violence in situations of armed conflict, in particular against women and children, was passed on December 16 2010. The resolution was formulated as a response to the slow development and progress in regards to women’s rights and the continued use of violence against women and children. Especially focusing on the issue of sexual violence against women and children in armed conflict.

The resolution addresses states and non-state actors to make sure that they act according to existing international laws, which prohibit the use of sexual violence in conflict. As put down in UNSCR 1888 the rapid deployment of team of experts to assist authorities to strengthen national authorities is emphasised also in UNSCR 1960. Furthermore, it points out the importance of ending impunity and to increasingly prosecute those responsible for all types violent crimes. The resolution states that the inclusion of women in civil, military and police functions in peace keepingmissions can be beneficial and encouraging for women in local communities to report acts of sexual violence. In addition to this the resolution also emphasises the importance of clear guidelines for peacekeeping missions so that they are enabled to carry out all their mandated tasks.

Criticism has been voiced towards the resolution as it only addresses women as victims of sexual abuse in violent conflict. Neither does it recognise the importance of women’s participation in decision-making processes as a means of lessening their vulnerability to attack.


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