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The Leading to Action handbook is structured to be used in a workshop setting, and can be easily modified by those who use it. Lessons and exercisesare designed to be changed, omitted, or borrowed to maximize their value, or adapted to meet the unique needs of each workshop group.It includes an overview of the purpose and nature of political participation entitled “Essentials of Political Participation.” “Guidelines for Facilitators” explains the structure of the workshop sessions and how to get the most out of them.

Ten sessions examine the barriers to political participation, and strategies for ethical political leadership. These sessions are divided into two parts. Section I, “Politics and Power: Where Do I Fit In?” has three workshop sessions that explore how the individual workshop participant sees herself as a leader, political activist, and citizen of the world. Section II, “Leading to Action: What Are My Next Steps?” presents seven sessions that help participants identify specific strategies for engaging in political campaigns. Each of the sessions examines barriers that women face in playing a larger role in the public sphere, and provides examples from real life about how some women leaders have dealt with their own competing expectations of themselves. The handbook also includes fictional scenarios that prompt a free exchange of responses, positive and critical, between workshop participants to the ideas presented.


The handbook concludes with appendices that provide additional resources for political activity at the local, national, and international levels.

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