Source: SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
SNV, Netherlands Development organisation, produced a manual on gender and local governance - an overview of the literature and websites on gender and governance processes, underlining strategies and best practices. Special emphasis is given on local governance in the region of West Africa, as it serves as a base for pilot projects concerning gender and local governance in this region. Appendixes include an annotated bibliography, and further websites, toolkits, knowledge institutions and databases (statistics).

The guide is meant to be a practical handbook, a collection of actions and best practices, to inspire development workers. In SNV terms Local Governance Processes concern the processes through which local stakeholders interact in determining the local development agenda and in managing resources to implement the development priorities.

Particular attention is paid to women’s interest. Without women’s needs and interests being taken into account, without opportunity for them to participate in and influence decision-making, development interventions and planning will not achieve sustainable results. For reasons of justice, efficiency and diversity, and to change the political system women’s active participation is essential. With a more human and gender-sensitive political approach citizens get more confidence in politics.

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