In order to empower and bring forth the human rights of women it is important to have tools that match the purpose. In this section Make Every Woman count has gathered handouts and guides produced by various organisations and government entities.

These guides and handouts cover various aspects of human rights of women and can be used in a range of settings.

Source: Royal Tropical InstituteSAfAIDS and WHO
This publication aims to provide policy-makers, planners and programme implementers with information and ideas to help them incorporate a gender-based approach to hiv/aids and stds into their policies and programmes.

Source: NORAD
This folder provides examples of the WHY's, the WHAT's and some of the HOW's in relation to HIV/AIDS in a gender perspective.

Source: IDS
The purpose of this resource guide is to give an overview of gender sensitive interventions and initiatives directly or indirectly related to health that have been tried at macro and micro level.

Source: WHO
These guidelines are intended for use primarily by those responsible for developing policies and directing the working practices ofnurses,midwives and other frontline health care providers.

Source: IWRAW-AP
This manual provides a framework for reporting and monitoring implementation of women's human rights under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (the Covenant).

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