In order to empower and bring forth the human rights of women it is important to have tools that match the purpose. In this section Make Every Woman count has gathered handouts and guides produced by various organisations and government entities.

These guides and handouts cover various aspects of human rights of women and can be used in a range of settings.

Source: IPAS
Part 1 of this document introduces the international sources of human rights, briefly explaining how international conventions are adopted and how their implementation by States is monitored.

Source: IPAS
This manual was originally prepared by the International Programme on Reproductive and Sexual Health Law of the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto and distributed by Ipas-Africa.

This toolkit was inspired by the workshops held in Asia and Africa for the partners and members of the Violence is not our Culture (VNC) campaign.

Source: UNIFEM
This information kit succinctly presents UNIFEM's (part of UN Women) corporate strategy 2008–2013, A Life Free of Violence: Unleashing the Power of Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality,

Source: Raising Voices
The Resource Guide is a tool for community-based organizations working to prevent domestic violence and is written in clear and practical language with a user-friendly format.

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